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No billboards in space? Don’t mind if I do!

Okay, so the FAA just made it clear: they don’t want billboards in space. Like, low-level space, billboards hovering in the earth’s atmosphere, where millions of people will see it every 24 hours or so. Sure that makes sense, as cynical as it is.

But, once they have the power to enforce this notion, how are they going to do it? With missiles? Monkeys?

I also believe there would be a huge “acceptance curve” with any company that dared deploy billboards into the stratosphere. What human being would actually buy a product advertised so obnoxiously? (Let’s hope we never hear the answer to that question)

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2 Responses to “No billboards in space? Don’t mind if I do!”

  1. tech ganja insomnia :: Nerdojo Says:

    Billboards in Space?

    Blech! I’ve never heard of a more greedy and awful idea than having your company logo on an orbiting billboard in space, visible from earth. Thankfully I’m hearing of these space billboards in the context that the Federal Aviation Administration…

  2. Joe Murphy Says:


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