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Dear Continental Airlines (great flight horror story)

Don’t sit in seat 29E. What kind of plane? Beats me. But it’s run by Continental, and one man put together an exquisite paper-napkin rant and actual filed complaint on the topic.

Depiction of a man's butt in my face

I am picturing a board room full of executives giving props to the young promising engineer that figured out how to squeeze an additional row of seats onto this plane by putting them next to the lav. I would like to flush his head in the toilet that I am close enough to touch from my seat.

Airlines should release more of these … and let the people know what happened in the end.

Update: Snopes.com investigates the lavatory complaint

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18 Responses to “Dear Continental Airlines (great flight horror story)”

  1. Jane Hapgood Says:

    I recently flew to the east coast of Canada from LAX via Newark and on to Moncton. My return trip was from Moncton to Newark to Cleveland and on to LAX. I was dreading all the plane changes and riding on small planes not to mention the hassel at the airports. Well I must say my trip was wonderful in every way. Great service! And the last leg of my trip was really nice. The stewards worked the flight from departure to destination. They provided service beyond the call of duty and with a smile to boot. I look forward to another trip on Continental Airlines.

  2. LINDA Says:


  3. brandonc Says:

    Help Spread the word about Continental Airlines and their poor service policies.
    Go to http://www.make-this-work.com/blog/?p=348 and then Digg it so others will read it. Then maybe they will sit up and take notice of the complaints!

  4. No longer a Continental customer Says:

    DON’T FLY CONTINENTAL…..and don’t bother trying to use mileage points. I was a long time customer. Recently I planned a vacation traveling to a foreign destination. I made my flight reservation with a OnePass agent and was told I would be able to upgrade to first class with my miles if I purchased an upgraded fare……..TOTAL SCAM…..With reservations made 4 months in advance and plenty of seats available at the time I was told by the OnePass agent that she was not able to book my upgraded seats. After numerous attempts to speak with supervisors about this I was told they are on a first come serve basis and only if seats became available would I be upgraded…..all I have to say is DON’T FLY CONTINENTAL….THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEATS….Fly another airline that doesn’t scam you into buying a higher priced ticket.

  5. Lena Says:

    I flew Continental Airlines recently and it was absolutely the worst experience I’ve ever had. The staff on board were rude, unhelpful and racist. The poor woman sitting next to me was yelled at because she asked for some water. It was poured into a plastic cup before she had the time to specify that she wanted it without ice. Because she was an Asian woman, the staff literately yelled at (as in voice raised to high level) and a male flight attendant told her that next time, she must say “no ice.” He mocked her while doing it and repeated the words few times to “teach” her “the words in English” and then said “understand?” The audacity of these people is unbelievable. There was blatant racism as I felt that they treated their Asian customers significantly worse than their Caucasian counterparts. In addition to the unacceptable racism, the staff scolded a few other customers and told them to stay where they were because they were “not in first class” and that they “had to wait” for any service. Basically, what I witnessed was staff bullying their Asian (perhaps other minority) customers and I was particularly disheartened to see that the Asian staff members treated the Asian customers the worst. Continental Airlines has a history of ignoring their customers’complaints. However, I am compelled to make it known that blatant racism existed on my flight and perhaps all their other flights as well.

  6. Diane Says:

    I have waitied to be able to afford a trip to Germany for many many years. I am booked for October – on Continental – now, reading all this, I’m scared and hesitant. Are there any good experiences out there???

    Not Anxious Anymore

  7. Ron Kanzig Says:

    I have flown Continental Airlines 20-30 times in the past and have had good and bad experiences. I have commented on the good but I am commenting on the bad here because they will not admit they have any fault in ANYTHING. They have stranded my wife and myself the past three times we have flown and feel they did nothing wrong. I have contacted them many times and it is the same excuse, they did nothing wrong. Leaving passengers on the tarmac for hours on end, without refreshments, snacks, good restroom facilities is not good customer service and I understand the State of New York has come with a law to fine them and have passengers reimbursed up to $1000.00 each for everytime it exceeds 3 hours. I am also contacting the BBB for the way they have handled my complaints. They actually sent me an e mail that could not be replied to (intentionally) tired of hearing from me. I have saved them all and will be turning them over to the BBB. My wife refused to make a return flight from Newark the last trip and I had to take off work, drive from Asheville, NC to Newark to bring her home. I experienced several hundred dollars in additional expense and lost out on the monies spent on the ticket. This was the 3rd time they had stranded her in less than 9 months. When contacting them each time, I received the same thing, it was not their problem, but the weather, the air traffic controllers or, or, or, or. I want reimbursed for my ticket or I will continue my crusade. Sorry Continental, I gave you more than enough opportunities to handle.

  8. sandra amari Says:

    This letter is not a reply, I just couldnt find an e-mail address to express my feelings.. I have been flying Continental Airlines for years, along with the rest of my family.. I would like to know why, this has happened?? When checking in at the curbside, i handed the attendant my ittenary along with my license, and my husbands license.. He weighed my bags, and they were all under the weight… I was happy i packed it right this time…I handed the gentleman a nice size tip, which he was greatful for… even though he never lifted a finger to help me.. He handed me the 2 boarding passes for me and my husband. When we entered the airplane, we werent even sitting next to each other..but were on different rows HELLO?????? Now we had to ask people if they minded switching seats so we can sit together… Honestly… I know you guys have no controll over the delays do to weather..Better be safe then sorry… but i am very upset over something else… When the plane landed in Tampa, which was my final destination… one of my suitcases was missing… In this suitcase was things i needed to go to work with today… also my everyday personal things… I was told to go put a claim in for missing baggage, which i did…. No need to tell you i missed a days work. When i called the baggage dept this afternoon.. i was told my suitcase was still in Newark, where i took off from… I questioned why it was still there??? My answer was it had to be left behind because the plane was carrying to much weight… I told the lady my bags were all weighed in and were fine… She told me.. it had nothing to do with that…The plane was carrying to much weight, so i guess my suitcase was nominated to be left behind…What i get out of this conversation was, my suitcase was not misplaced, but they played eny meany miny moe.. and off my suitcase went to make the plane lighter….. Not fair… I lost a days work, which i cannot afford… Why did all those people that were carrying these hugh carry ons told..Sorry… it is to heavy… Maybe because the carry ons are not weighed???Now i am told.. i am LUCKY yes LUCKY , there is a flight out of Newark this eve. and my suitcase will be on this flight… Should i be happy about this? and if my suitcase is not delivered to my home by 5am… I will loose another days pay… Guess my suitcase is flying standby…. I am very dissapointed …. I expect some kind of pay back for this horrible inconsiderate inconvenience….Please foward this letter to the correct person.. Sandra Amari 10800 BenBow Drive New Port Richie Florida 34654

  9. Kenneth Dobb Says:

    I fly from Newark frequently.Their service, especially the check-in part, has been so bad. Once my suitcases were missing because the attendant was discussing her late-night party with her colleague when she was doing my luggage tags. My luggage ended up with another passenger’s tag and I am sure his/her luggage was lost too.
    Another time an attendant even said “Go away” to me during check-in. Her boss apologized to me on scene but she refuse to offer the same. I filed complaint via email but their reply said they found nothing wrong.
    In general, all airlines are bad. They took Sept. 11 as an opportunity to get government funding, jack up the ticket price, reduce customer service and enjoy their record-breaking profit. Now when you try to reschedule your fight or miss a flight, $100 please!
    Act now, passengers!

  10. Sandeep Says:

    I think continental is the worst airline.we booked the ticket on time.suddenly they reduce the prices drasticaly.Customer service is the worst.They are completely non helping.i wish they pay for all this one day for scamming customers.

  11. Danny Says:

    Without a doubt, Continental is the worst airline I’ve had the displeasure of using.
    We just came back from a 8 day trip to Europe and Continental managed to lose all our luggage for 6 days! We were in a party of 7 persons and they lost all 7 pieces! and to make it worse, the luggage has been sitting at the Continental lost bags section all the time and no one bothered to check.

    I have tried to complain to Continental head office but I encoutered nothing but stonewalling and kept being transferred from one department to the next…. they simply do not care.

    If you are ever thinking of air travel in the future, please avoid Continental at all costs… otherwise, you’ll spend your valuable vacation time chasing ghosts and you’ll regret it.

    … and the funniest part, if there was one, the main phone line to Continental is 1-800-WE-CARE2 !

  12. Jules Says:

    Ah yes, Continental the worst airline customer service! Where to start….At 1AM on Wednesday morning I learned that our 8:55 flight to Toronto (3303) was cancelled. So I called Continental and asked them to put us on the 10:15 flight (2296). I asked why my flight was cancelled and she didn’t know. So I checked the new flight before I left for the airport. On my way to Newark I called to verify the flight again and learned that is was cancelled, but there was a 30+ min wait to talk to an agent. So we drove to the airport and I went in. Get this setup. It was 8AM and here I was told that Continental had automatically rebooked me to fly out the NEXT DAY!!! As for the flights to Toronto for this day….

    6:45 flight left on time
    8:55 Cancelled
    10:15 Cancelled
    11:50 On Schedule but already booked
    3:00 Cancelled
    5:25 On Schedule

    She told me that I could go on stanby for the 11:50 (3305) but there were already some people on standy, I could fly to Ottawa at like 1PM and then take a connnecting flight to Toronto a few hours later, or I could fly to Toronto at 5:25PM. (Since remeber they had already cancelled the 3:00 flight even though it was only 8AM.) We unhappily took the standby option.

    Notes: EWR=Newark / YYZ= Toronto / BUF=Buffalo

    Over the next 3 hours I visited the Continental help desk about 300ft from out gate about 5 times. I started asking about parnter airlines, other flights that my friend was seeing on Continental’s website, flights to BUF. My friend would tell me about an available flight to YYZ and Continental would tell me it was booked.I asked about Buffalo I was told there was a 4PM to BUF but there was only 1 seat. The next flight to BUF was 5PM. Well if I was going to fly to BUF at 5PM I might as well wait for the 5:25 to YYZ. A little later I was told by someone else that there were 2 seats available on the 4PM to BUF, but if I reserved them I would lose my 11:50 standby to YYZ. The standby list was printed at about 11:15 . We were # 14 & 15. So I went back to the help desk and spoke to a third person. She said there were still 2 seats available on the 4PM to BUF and she could hold those seats for us while we still waited standby for the 11:50 to YYZ (something that the last guy said we COULD NOT DO.) So we waited, we didn’t make the standby of course. At the gate I asked if our luggage was going to be taken off the Toronto flight and was told it was never loaded on and I could go to baggage claim get our luggage and recheck it. I got our new boarding passes for the 4PM to BUF.
    We went to baggage claim and waited at Carousel 6. Twenty minutes and no luggage so I went to Continetal Baggage Help Desk and filed a request for our luggage. I gave her the flight # that we were on stanby for, the Baggage Tag #s, and the picture and color description of the items. She gave us a receipt and told us to wait at Carousel 9. Thirty minutes later and still no luggage. I go back to the same lady and she calls up to someone and they tell her there is no luggage up by the flight, our luggage must have gone to Toronto, except that we are scheduled to fly to Buffalo now. I am given a telephone # to call after the flight is scheduled to land and request that they hold my luggage so I can pick it up in Toronto after being driven by Mel’s boyfriend from Buffalo. Out of exhaustion we sit in baggage claim for another 30 minutes. I call the number early and give them all the info to alert baggage claim in Toronto as soon as the plan lands…Instead at about 1:20 our luggage comes out on the conveyor belt of Carousel 9 in NEWARK!!!!
    Angry, happy, frustrated, we go to Check in our baggage for our 4Pm flight to BUF. They check us in and give us paper tickets. We go to eat. We get “radomly selected” at Security to be patted down and have our carryon luggage rummaged through. YAY!
    After lunch we go to our gate (which is 100 ft from our old gate.) Plan should board at 3:15 (3309). At 3:20 the ticket goes from On Time-4:00 to Delayed-4:30. Then it changes from 4:30 to 5:40 as we learn that our plane is there but the flight crew is coming in late from Albany. After 45 minutes a new fligth crew is picked and we board and move around 4:40, but we do not take off until after 5:15 to BUF. As we are about to land in BUF we are told there is poor visibility, overcast skies, and ice. We land and drive over snow in our tiny little plane in BUF where 10″ have fallen throughout the day.
    By 6:45PM we are just getting to the car to be driven from Buffalo to Toronto (a 2hr drive.) :-)
    Continental’s explanation, we do not compensate traveler’s for delays or cancellations due to weather. FYI it never snowed in Toronto on Wednesay and it only flurried in Newark at about 2:00PM. The rest of the day was a mix of clouds and SUN!!!! All flights to SNOWY Buffalo went as scheduled all day. I was told on Monday by 1 Continental Employee after 2 hrs on the phone, that both of my flights were cancelled due to airway and runway CONGESTION.

  13. John Says:

    Customer service at Continental Airlines is simply terrible.

  14. Warren Smith Says:

    Dear Sir or Madam:
    I was on flight 5828 flying from Houston-Bush Intl to Louisville, KY on May 5, 2009. The flight left Houston at 7:00 PM. The flight was full and the flight attendant needed two seats for a lady and her infant. Initially, she asked for volunteers to give up their seats. Two gentlemen offered their seats to the attendant, but she got distracted with another passenger a few rows back. When she returned, the same two gentlemen again offered their seats. Although she was standing right beside them, she acted like she didn’t hear them. They both stood up to find other seats. When they did, she loudly proclaimed that there were two seats in the back of the plane and “they could just fight over the seats”. She then began to complain to everyone in ear-shot of her voice that they had bad attitudes.
    As one of the gentlemen was going to his new seat he looked at me and just shook his head. I laughed in empathy and shook my head too. The flight attendant saw me and asked me what my problem was. I said that the two gentlemen had twice volunteered their seats. The attendant said that was not true, and that they both had bad attitudes. I responded that she was the only one with a bad attitude.
    She then accused me of interfering with her job. At this point I had had enough and asked for her name or badge number. That pushed her into the stratosphere. She yelled for a gate attendant, who was on the plane for some reason. When the gate attendant came back to us, the flight attendant proclaimed that I was being VULGAR, and interfering with her job, and threatened to have me escorted off the plane.
    Fortunately, the gate attendant interjected enough sanity into the situation for the flight attendant to leave. But not before defaming me and the same two gentlemen.
    I have flown for years on business – I had > 1 million miles on US Airways and I have never had a bad experience with any flight attendant on any other airlines. To the contrary, it’s usually the attendant taking the gruff from the passenger.
    Needless to say, I will not fly Continental Airlines in the future and risk running into this flight attendant again.

  15. joanna wayn Says:

    I just had two worst flight experiences with continental on my way in and out of EWR. Last week our flight in EWR was delayed 5.5 hours, and I missed two connecting flights (both 5-6 hours long flights), and I have to sit in the airport food court from 11pm to 6am (I was told that the surrounding of EWR is not safe, and not worth to go to the city for such a short period). Today I come back here to take the return trip. The flight is delayed again for 2 hours – I am still waiting. The worst experience is not waiting, but the INFAMOURS continental CUSTOMER service. I first talked to female agent, I told her my flight is showing delayed on the screen, please help me to find a solution to get home on time, I have small children. She said her computer did not show any delay, so I will not help you. (The words showing on her face is – go away, don’t annoy me!). I went to check the screen again and came back to her. This time she was really rude, her face carried she did not even speak to me, only talk to her colleagues saying how annoyed this customer is. Later, she said many unethical words as a customer service person. Then she gave me a comment card to fill. I asked her name she refuse to give and she walked away. Few minutes later her manager came and explained for 10 minutes how their operation system works and their partner airline’s problem if my flight is delayed (he insisted that our flight has not delayed YET). In conclusion, it is not their fault (as people have indicated many times – continental never admit their problems). I told him that he should help that female agent on her attitude and I would like to know her name since she gave me a comment card. Until then, that manager showed his nasty face, he refused to give her name and he asked my name. What for? – revenge me? He showed me his name card but I don’t need to write it here, just hope he will improve next time. His customer service group is located at EWR C-gate, between C103 and C105.
    20 minutes before the original departure time, the gate agent announced a 2 hours delay of our flight. An hour later, another announcement saying they changed the gate. We are still waiting

  16. joanna wayn Says:

    continued: delayed twice again from 8:30 to 10:20, then 10:40, finaly the flight took off at 11:40. arrive Toronto at 1:30am. More than 3h delay on return flight. The continental people at Toronto airport had much better atitute than the EWR people, we were welcomed at Toronto after midnight.

  17. joanna wayn Says:

    Continued: delayed twice again, so the total delay was more than 3 hours. Finally the plane took off at 11:40, arrived Toronto at 1:30am. I am a frequent flyer, I used quite a few times continental airlines and had mixed experiences. I have seen some good individuals and some not so good ones. The two customer service people at EWR continental C gate service center are absolutely the worst airline people I have ever met.
    Speaking of airline experience, Lufthansa have been consistently maintain a high standard including flight schedule, customer service, in flight experience, check in counter. I flew with them many times in the past 12 years, they respect people regardless what language you speak. If you need to go to Europe, you can try Lufthansa.
    In the future, I will avoid continental and EWR.

  18. Dorcas Says:

    OK! listen up! My father works for contilental ok?! U people know nothing! CONTINENTAL ROCKS! We kept pretzles and peanuts the longest and food on the planes! So SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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