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The New Mile High Club

Sure, they were trying for a catchy headline. PhoneScoop.com put together a comprehensive piece on the state of cell phone use in the skies, and they called it “The New Mile High Club.” That implies that cell phone users on airplanes … okay, you get the connection.

I hate to see the good name of the Mile High Club smutted with references to cell phone use. The MHC is for people who have the courage and the kahunas to get it on in-flight.

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One Response to “The New Mile High Club”

  1. JOCk Says:

    Did you hear there is some guy claiming to be Tony Accardo, Jr., running all over in a Continental uniform looking for women for Continental and AA pilots for prostitution on layover out of O”hare and MIdway. Are these people nuts or what? These guys use V2K communication and everything to get women. What losers.

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